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based in Oświęcim.
/ We are a manufacturer of electric cables and wires

We are a manufacturer of cables and wires

We operate both in the Polish and international markets, specializing in high-quality electric cables and products at competitive prices. We fulfill custom orders and short production runs quickly and conveniently for our clients. Our services include technical consulting and the development and implementation of new designs according to client specifications. We produce a wide range of coiled cords and cable assemblies, offering extensive options for cable processing and customization. We invite you to partner with us and benefit from our expertise and dedication to quality.
Development and production of cables with a unique design
Cable production also possible in short production runs.
Certified ISO 9001 Quality Management System.
Experience in manufacturing spiral cables for various applications.


Extensive experience in the cable and wire industry.
years of continuous market presence
/ Początki działalności


Our history begins on 25 May 1959, when the “Chemik Cooperative” was registered. Yes, that is already 60 years of uninterrupted presence on the market!

In 1970, we gained the status of a Disabled Workers Co-operative and changed its name to “WINIPLEX.”  Today’s name “SIMECH” was adopted in 1978 after the takeover of the cable manufacturing company “Ponar”. That’s a very important date because it marks the beginning of our experience in the cable and wire industry!

In the 1980s, we cooperated with large state-owned tycoon and brands known to every Pole at the time, with manufacturers and brands which … mostly disappeared during the turbulent period of system transformation. What helped us survive then is still our strength today. Our flexibility allows us to compete with the largest cable manufacturers by offering short runs, a wide range of colours and the rapid development of non-standard cable designs.

1997 we obtained the ISO 9002 Quality Management System certificate as one of the first sheltered workshops. Our approach to quality management became … systematic and today the certified ISO 9001 Quality Management System is the foundation for the quality of our products.

The 2000s saw the further development of the company and its range of products, including coiled cables for various applications, the implementation of eco-friendly polymers to lead-free, phthalate-free, halogen-free cables, in compliance with UE directives and regulations including REACH, RoHS.


The production of cables can be energy-intensive, so we invested in photovoltaics to help our plant reduce energy consumption from non-renewable sources and thus our carbon footprint.

Our mission

Currently, the Cooperative, as a Sheltered Workshop, employs nearly 200 people, with over 80% of them being disabled individuals who face difficulties or have no opportunities to find other employment. The company’s mission and greatest success lie in its ability to combine producing goods that meet customers’ expectations with reintegrating individuals who have been excluded from the job market due to illness or disability into the workforce. As the largest employer of this kind in the area, we provide conditions for many disabled individuals, ensuring integration in the workplace and in society. For example, by organizing sign language courses for hearing employees, we remove the communication barrier with the deaf!

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